Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)

Every so often a car appears for which only the word superb will suffice. This is one of those cars. Rarest of the MGAs, a De Luxe coupe, restored in 2011 and still looking fantastic. Heritage certificate, chassis no. GHD 2/103957. Four owners. MG personalised registration.

The De Luxe model MGAs were very late cars built using certain Twin-Cam chassis components but with the 1622cc engine (low compression in this case). The particular parts from the Twin-Cam which were used can vary. In this instance, they included: centre lock Dunlop steel pierced wheels with spinners, four-wheel disc brakes and competition seats. Because of the way in which these cars were produced, numbers built can differ according to sources, with far more De Luxe roadsters (approx 85% of production) than coupes being built. But a suggested total of De Luxe coupe models is a mere twenty-three (23) of which only seventeen (17) were original RHD (9 from 1961). As such, this is the rarest version of the MGA and, for those that survive, values reflect that rarity. They come up for sale infrequently and so this is an almost unique opportunity to acquire a rare car.

This is an original RHD car intended for personal export delivery, poss to NZ. Black with red seats, and dash with grey carpets and correct rubber overmats, wood-rimmed steering wheel, working clock. Five speed gearbox from Hi-Gear Engineering fitted by well-known classic restorer local to us in 2014, but four-speed gear knob retained. Original gearbox, rocker cover, steering wheel, speedo cable, etc still in owner’s possession and will be included in the sale. The car was fully restored in 1987 and, again, in 2011. The second restoration was undertaken by the well-known Naylor Brothers and cost more than £11k. Invoices and photos of the restoration are included in an excellent history file displaying lots of maintenance right up to the present. The car still presents itself in wonderful condition both inside and out.

This lovely car will be the next owner’s pride and joy and could be shown and/or used as desired. It has just been serviced at the end of July and has a MoT to April 2018. Ring to make an appointment to view. Further detailed pictures on request.

Price - £39,850 ovno

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Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)Superb MGA Mk II Coupe De Luxe 1622cc (1961)